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Rent Esport and Gaming accessories.

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Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Logitech Gaming G413 Mechanic Keyboard
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Gamer Chair
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Logitech C930E-Webcam
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Multi charger 40 Port
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - AOC C27G1 27" - LED gaming Screen

Rent accessories for Gaming.

If you need to rent Gaming accessories, we can certainly help. We have a wide selection of rental products within Gaming.
We can offer complete solutions with everything you need to hold the perfect Gaming E-sports event or if you just need to hold a smaller LAN event.
We offer rental of Gamer chairs, tables, mice, keyboards, mouse pads and much more.
You can rent equipment at the cheap end for beginners or you can rent more professional equipment from Logitech and other brands.
In addition to the products you can rent here on the website, we have the opportunity to obtain products according to your wishes.
We also offer rental of network equipment, cabling and switches.


Rental for E-sports events.

We can help set up complete E-sports events. We rent powerful Gamer computers with AMD Ryzen processors, M.2 disks, RTX2070 graphics cards. In addition, we can offer professional equipment such as Logitech mice and keyboards. Professional AOC gaming screens that preform with 1ms and 144hz. All equipment can be delivered and set up at your address. We also offer that you can hire a technician who can support during your entire event if necessary.

Rental for small events and LAN evenings.

If you need to arrange the perfect boys' weekend or a company event, then you also have the option of renting a budget package that contains everything you need to create a fun evening. We offer package solutions where the equipment is delivered installed and ready for use. Stack your own CS: GO tournament on your feet and have all the equipment delivered right to your door.