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Rent a Gamer PC or Gamer PC Package

Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Medium Gaming PC
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - VR Ready Gamer PC
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Medium Gaming PC Package
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Platin Gaming PC
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Extreme Gaming PC
Nordic IT Rental udlejning - Extreme Gaming PC set up
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Rent a Gamer PC or console

If you need to rent one or more Gamer Computers for a short or long period of time, let us help you. We offer rental of both newer and slightly older Gamer computers. This means that you can rent a Gamer PC that suits your needs both when it comes to price and performance.
In addition to Gamer Computers, we also offer rental of consoles such as Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. When you rent a Gamer PC, you have both the option to rent a very powerful model with GTX 2070 graphics card or a smaller model with GTX1660 graphics card. We also have many other models, but the mentioned models are some of the most rented models.

What does it cost to rent a Gamer PC

The price of renting a Gamer PC or a console obviously depends on your needs and thus which model you need. We offer advice on which model best suits your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us for help.
The price of renting a Gamer PC also depends on how long a period you want to rent the computer in and at the same time it depends on how many you need. If you rent several computers, we give a quantity discount. If you rent the computers for a longer period, the price falls per. month to rent.

How many computers can I rent

There is basically no limit to how many computers you can rent.
We have a large inventory of rental computers so we can cover most needs.
If you need to hold an E-sport event, we can help you with a complete solution where you get the whole package incl. Gamer PC, Gamer monitor, and accessories to get you ready to play.
Should you hold your own Gamer event, we offer rental and setup of complete Gamer event.
Contact us to find out more about renting Gamer computers for E-sports events.

What can I install on a rental PC

When you rent a Gamer PC, you need to install exactly what you want on your computer. However, it is not permitted to open the computer and replace parts in it, without prior agreement.
You can easily install your own Steam account on your computer so you can use your own personal games on the rented Gamer PC.

Delivery of rented computers

If you rent a PC, we offer several different types of delivery of the equipment. You can even pick it up in our warehouse. Delivery can be made to private address, company address. We can make personal delivery on Zealand if you want it delivered the same day. The item can also be sent by GLS or freight forwarder. You are welcome to contact us and hear more about delivery options when you rent a PC.