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Rent Virtual Reality equipment

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Rent Virtual Reality equipment.

You can also rent complete solutions for Virtual Reality. When you rent a Virtual Reality solution, you receive a complete solution with PC, VR equipment, Monitor and accessories. We offer installation of software and programs according to the customer's wishes. Rent VR equipment for your customer event or your next event. Should your next customer event have an extra twist, VR or gaming is a really good bet. There are still many who have not tried their hand at VR and the universe around Virtual Reality. Therefore, it can be an obvious option to offer the solution for customer events. There is a sea of ​​exciting games and experiences within VR that are well suited for customer events. When you rent VR equipment from us, we help you all the way to your destination, so you are guaranteed a good experience. We can also offer that one of our experienced technicians can help and support for your event. There are several different types of VR equipment. They are the easy solution with independent glasses that do not require a powerful PC. However, the independent glasses are more for simple experiences and the limitation is of course that the glasses are not connected to a powerful PC but that the graphics are run directly in the glasses. Furthermore, there is a limitation on the battery as the glasses only hold battery for a few hours. If you want the full experience with VR, we recommend that you rent Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE which is a solution where the VR glasses are connected directly to a powerful VR PC. The VR equipment can be used for many different things. The most used is probably games and entertainment. But today it is more and more common that teaching material is developed in VR format. This means that you can develop material that is very close to the real world. It can, for example, be for teaching where you have to try to create as realistic a situation as possible. Virtual Reality is a great tool in teaching, as it is hard not to be gripped by the atmosphere VR has to offer. Whether you need VR or Gaming equipment, both are something that can really spice up an event. We experience many companies that rent VR equipment for internal or external events. The experience with VR provides many hours of entertainment and laughter. At Nordic IT Rental, we naturally help you find content that matches your event and purpose. If you want to rent VR equipment, you are very welcome to contact one of our experienced consultants, who are ready to guide and advise within VR. If you have an inquiry, you are welcome to contact us on tel. 71998904.