Tel: +45 71998904
Tel: +45 71998904

Rent a gaming screen

1920 x 1080 ve ...
1920 x 1080 ve ...
Kr. 500,- (Pris for første uges leje)
Kr. 40,- (Pris efter første uges leje, pr. dag.)

Rent a super nice curved screen from AOC of 27 ". The screen has an update speed of 1 ms. The screen is of course Full HD. Fantastic screen for the more demanding user who will not compromise on quality. When you rent a gamer screen, follow with the necessary connection cables.

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Kr. 500,-
Total lejeperiode: 8 dage
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Rent a gaming Screen from AOC

We offer rental ag monitors and computers for complete Gamer events. If you need to arrange a Gamer Event, we can help you with hardware and setup. We offer total solutions within Gaming. We can provide complete solutions that include everything from PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset etc. Call and hear more about how to arrange the perfect Gamer event. Call on 71998904 to hear more about renting Gaming equipment.