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Tel: +45 71998904

Rent Samsung 65" 4K

Kr. 1.600,- (Pris for første uges leje)
Kr. 120,- (Pris efter første uges leje, pr. dag.)

Super sleek and stylish Samsung 65 "4K UHD Smart TV brings you closer to all the action than ever before thanks to the razor-sharp picture quality in 4K resolution. Get all the entertainment delivered with quality. Thin LED Smart TV that does not take up much space. This screen / TV has built-in Wi-Fi, resolution of 3840x2160.

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Kr. 1.600,-
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Rent a 65" Samsung 4K Flatscreen.

Fantastic natural colors with fluid, consistent motion on the Samsung 65 "4K UHD Smart TV TU7005, which gives you the ability to watch TV programs and videos in 4K UHD quality. Get more out of your 4K picture quality TV experience and quickly and easily find the content you want to watch with this Samsung 65 "TU7005 4K UHD Smart TV UE65TU7005 thanks to the lightning fast Crystal Processor 4K. Watch your favorite videos on YouTube or enjoy a good movie or your favorite high-quality series with the Tizen Smart TV feature, you can also turn on Auto Game Mode and get an enhanced gaming experience.  

Crystal Processor 4K  
The lightning-fast Cyrstal Processor 4K upscales content to 4K quality, so you can see even the smallest details and enjoy refined colors and high contrast, no matter what you see. 

4K Ultra HD-resolution
The TV's 4K Ultra HD resolution opens up a whole new world of experiences. Enjoy 4 times as many pixels (3840 x 2160) compared to Full HD (1920 x 1080). You can experience excellent image sharpness and contrast as well as accurate color reproduction. Get the most out of your TV with UHD upscaling. UHD upscaling ensures that you can enjoy Full HD or HD Ready content in a better quality. 

HDR (High Dynamic Range)  
HDR technology ensures that dark areas in the image will be even darker and that bright areas will be even brighter. This creates a more realistic image experience with more colors, shades and contrasts. The result is a more realistic TV experience. analyzes the image in 6400 different zones and adjusts it so you can enjoy great contrast and image quality and have a truly lifelike visual experience. Included: - Remote control - Power cable - HDMI Cable If you need a wall bracket for the rented flat screen, you are welcome to contact us and we will find the right bracket for you. We offer everything in stands, hangers and racks.